5 of the Funniest Rove Moments Ever in the History of Rove

By Team Beamly August 18, 2014

Official Beamly Editor

With Rove McManus back on the The Project for the next couple of months, we wandered down memory lane to a gentler time, when TV hosts said hi to our mums. Remember that?

Here are our fave funny moments from over the years:

What The…?

The strangest segment on Rove Live was also the funniest. Check out the morbid wildlife jungle scene, and the tax form incest section: 

The Time He Connected with Teenage Girls

When Joan Rivers Gave Him Her Ultimate Compliment: “You Look Almost Butch”

The Night He Did Everything Peter Helliar Told Him to Do

When He Had One-Seventh of the Chaser Team in His Mouth

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