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The Boys Dug Deep and Found NRL’s 13 Most Overused Phrases

By Edwin Smith August 29, 2014

Official Beamly Editor


“We’re just taking it one game at a time”, “the boys dug deep”, “it was a game of two halves” – sound familiar? It should. If you’ve listened to a post-match interview, press conference or basically any time an NRL player talks to the media, you’ll here a number of overused clichés strung together to form a couple of incredibly boring and useless sentences.

But these lines are just the tip of the giant cliché iceberg that’s getting bigger (and less descriptive) by the day. Players are under the microscope more than ever, and any slip of the tongue is exaggerated tenfold by the media.

So, players are forced back into the tried and tested cliché shell, where they say a lot of things without actually saying anything at all. Let’s dig deep, give it 110% and countdown the most overused NRL phrases, from bad to just plain awful:

13. Yeah, nah…you know

OK, this is more of a filler while players are trying to work out which cliché to drop next, but a combination of these four words probably accounts for half of most interviews, you know?

12. The crowd was brilliant tonight

Yep, we get it – you wanna acknowledge the 12,000 fans who braved the cold weather, $15 pies and warm beer. But were they really that brilliant? Probably not.

11. They were the better team on the day

Thanks, Captain Obvious. We would never have guessed.

10. Going forward…

Usually followed up with “we’ll have to dig deep next week”, “we’re just taking it one week at a time” or another phrase along those lines (the lines are going forward). We’re not sure where it all went wrong. Back in 2000, post-match interviews were full of booze, jokes and reminiscing about the on-field biff:

9. We had to put in 110 percent

A hundred percent isn’t good enough for most players – they have to dig deep (yep) and defy all laws of physics to put in more effort than is physically possible.

8. That’s footy

This could literally apply to anything about footy. Has a broader term even been thrown around, seriously?!

7. The boys dug deep

We’re still not quite sure what this means – “dug deep” – like dug a hole in the ground? Or maybe:

6. At the end of the day we’re just happy to get the two points

Are you?! Are you really happy to win the game that you play for a living and do what you’re paid to do – win? Thanks for that stunning insight.

5. We left it all on the field

Erm, we’re not really interested in what you left on the field… For the record, this is what happens when players can’t string together a few over-used phrases post-match. Poor Sam Kasiano:

4. They turned up to play today

We’re still waiting for the day someone doesn’t turn up at all.

3. It was a game of two halves

Why yes, yes there was two halves. Like there has been every game for the last 100-odd years.

2. Full credit to the boys

Ahh, the unselfish approach. Broadly crediting “the boys” is the ultimate safe option. Don’t single anyone out, don’t say what was good or bad, just give everyone credit.

1. We’re just taking it one game at a time

OF COURSE YOU ARE! You can’t physically play more than one game at a time. Even if you put in 110 percent. To be honest, we’re kinda hoping more NRL players take some advice off Rugby Union star Nick Cummins:

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Rugby League Finals

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