• Steph Wu

    Steph Wu

    Steph Wu STAFF posted on Home and Away

    Did you guys notice this cameo from a Summer Bay ex-favourite recently?
    That's Chris Hemsworth in the background, slurping down a chocolate milkshake (and looking fine as ever ;))!!
    Who else is sad that he didn't come back in a bigger part? :(

  • Factwit


    Factwit posted on MasterChef Australia

    F*uck she's thru. That's it, it's over.

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  • Tanya Gardam

    Tanya Gardam

    Tanya Gardam posted on MasterChef Australia

    Mr Thai Mohawk man seems to be really enjoying himself ... No airs and graces seems very nice

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  • Factwit


    Factwit posted on MasterChef Australia

    Rose could pluck this one out of her arse!

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  • Ian Coleman

    Ian Coleman

    Ian Coleman posted on MasterChef Australia

    Prawns are the way to go.. Fast to cook and taste great almost anyway

    • Jill Porritt

      Yum! Made me so hungry! Love prawns and have the best fastest recipe that always leaves a clean plate!! Think that's dinner tonight!! Lol!!

  • Steph Wu

    Steph Wu

    Steph Wu STAFF posted on Orange Is the New Black

    Only two weeks left, inmates!! :D Who's gonna be watching?

  • Rachel Beaney

    Rachel Beaney

  • Jacqui


    Jacqui posted on MasterChef Australia

    I cannot believe Rose is still here. I thought after a busy week I'd come back and she'd be gone, but no.

    • Jill Porritt

      With you Jacqui! Don't know how she keeps getting through - she doesn't have what it takes to be in a commercial environment! Great home cook - and those home meals are the ones that save her - but I think it's wrong- I wouldn't want to work with her in a real commercial kitchen!!

  • Edwin Smith

    Edwin Smith

    Edwin Smith STAFF posted on State of Origin

    Ahh crap. Well played Qld fans. Too good on the day. Bring on game 2!

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